2010 and forward has shown great development

Did you know that Örebro Airport celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2018?

    1. 2010 & 2011
  1. The cargo departure of Örebro Airport continue to expand. A completely new terminal with offices only for cargo is built up, and this includes an extension of the southern part of the platform. The year after, DHL restart their business at the airport and build a hall for indoor-loading of ground transport. This also means that the airmail starts in Örebro. All of this plays a major part in our position as 4th in the country when it comes to air cargo.

2012 & 2013

Two years with great development for the chartered travels. Greatest news in 2012 was that we could introduce Cancun, Mexico as a new destination far away with flights from Örebro. The line was operated by Thomas Cook with an Airbus 330, which after a stop in Oslo, flew direct to the paradise of Mexico.

The chartered travel from Örebro Airport was generally strong during this period, and a total of 13 destinations was available from the airport. It was calculated that all in all, 91 233 people flew on chartered trips that year.


The development around the airport continues with plans for a 700 metres extension of the runway. This in order to take in bigger aircrafts with even heavier freight material. Another taxi lane for aircrafts is also being built.

In September´s history post we will tell you more about the initiation for the new runway and everything about the airport in modern era. The 15th of September we have our anniversary day, we hope that you have not missed the information about it?

We are opening the doors for everyone to come and visit the airport and celebrate our 40 years! Will you be attending? Click the button below to view the event on Facebook.

Welcome to Örebro Airport!

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