First Thailand flight in 2006 & Globemaster in Örebro 2009

Did you know that Örebro Airport celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2018?

  1. In 2006, the first direct flight from Örebro to Thailand took off. Flight DK2975 was operated by MyTravel Airlines with an Airbus 330. Thailand has since then been growing as a destination for Swedish people, and is still one of the top favorites for the travelers.
  2. Picture from the winter of 2006 and the Airbus 330 is arriving at Örebro Airport from Thailand.

As mentioned, Thailand is still a very popular destination amongst Swedish people in general, and the travelers from Örebro in particular. At the beginning of 2019, there will be two departures from Örebro with direct flights to Thailand. This is an effort made by the organization of TUI. Starting in February next year, you will be able to reach the 25 most popular destinations in Thailand with flights direct from Örebro to Krabi and Phuket. Book your trip for the winter now by visiting

The picture below was taken before departure to Phuket, Thailand with Thomas Cook Airlines during the start of 2018.

Boeing C17 Globemaster landed in Örebro for the first time back in 2009. This impressive aircraft was flewn under the services of MSB (The authority for community safety and preparedness). In the first picture you can see how the engines are being analyzed and repaired at Örebro Airport. The aircraft will later on, in the winter, be used to fly assistance material to Haiti.

We hope that you have not missed the news about our anniversary day at the airport on the 15th of September?

We are opening the doors for everyone to come and visit the airport and celebrate our 40 years! Will you be attending? Click the button below to view the event on Facebook.

Welcome to Örebro Airport!

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