DEVIATION reporting

why should deviations be reported?

Örebro Airport shall be a safe airport. All staff have a responsibility and duty to do their utmost to prevent events from occurring that could cause injury to people or damage to property or the environment.

The purpose of deviation reporting is to ensure that events that arise at the airport are known about and dealt with. An event that can have a negative effect on air safety must not recur.

When should a deviation report be made?

A deviation report shall be made without delay in the case of:

  • events that have or could have had a negative effect on air safety
  • functional faults in material, technical equipment or property that belongs to the airport
  • damage to aeroplanes, buildings or the facility
  • situations in which one or more people have behaved in a disruptive/threatening way or committed a criminal act
  • the presence of wild animals or birds in the area of the airport
  • accidents at the airport

who should write a deviation report?

Those who work at or have authorisation at the airport are responsible for reporting deviations without delay.


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