Charter/AD HOC

Charter/ad hoc assignments are Örebro Airport’s speciality. Today, we are Scandinavia’s biggest airport in this field, with long experience of managing complex assignments at short notice. Due to our high level of service and our attitude that nothing is impossible, many companies have discovered Örebro Airport. We take all planes from small Cessnas to the Boeing 747.

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Dangerous Goods Regulation

DGR stands for Dangerous Goods Regulation and is an area of competence in which Örebro Airport has long experience. We handle all the necessary documents and checks and make sure the cargo is handled in accordance with the DGR. When it comes to the DGR, we work together with the company DGM, one of Sweden’s leading experts in the transport of dangerous goods.

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This is a job that makes us extra proud. When people around the world are in need and require help, organisations such as the Swedish Rescue Services Agency step in. Örebro Airport has very well-developed cooperation with the Swedish Rescue Services Agency and always maintains a high level of preparedness. In a very short time, we can get a large organisation on its feet to manage big and complex assignments.

We also handle the Swedish Armed Forces’ transports for its peacekeeping forces in, among other places, Afghanistan. Örebro Airport is also in a constant state of preparedness to receive the Nordic Battle Group, which is the EU’s emergency force.

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Bulky goods simply refers to big and complex cargo assignments. Nothing has yet come to Örebro Airport that we could not load. Many companies therefore turn to us when it comes to big and heavy cargo. We can manage difficult lifts (up to 100 tons per piece) and accept the world’s biggest cargo planes, which can carry most things.

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