Airport regulations

The Airport Regulations (AR) are the airport’s own local rules and safety regulations. They must be communicated to and complied with by those who work at, enter or use the airport for their operations.

Electronic subscription to new and revised ARs can be ordered from Anneli Lundberg, Air Safety Coordinator via email

Nr. 1 Basic trainingPDF

Nr. 2 Access to the airportPDF

Nr. 3 Basic educationPDF

Nr. 4 Fire safety regulationsPDF

Nr. 5 Operation of vehiclesPDF

Nr. 6 Direction on the apronPDF

Nr. 7 High visibility clothingPDF

Nr. 8 RefuellingPDF

Nr. 9 Oil spillagePDF

Nr. 10 Start of aircraft enginesPDF

Nr. 11 Vehicles on RWY that may be obscured by the direction finderPDF

Nr. 12 Radio communicationPDF

Nr. 13 Wildlife strike hazard reductionPDF

Nr. 14 Deviation reportingPDF

Nr. 15 LVP- Low Visibility ProcedurePDF

Nr. 16 Parking regulationsPDF

Nr. 17 Regulations for manufacturersPDF

Nr. 18 Advertising and tradePDF

Nr. 19 Restricted areas for ILS and GP transmittersPDF

Nr. 20 Photography and distribution of informationPDF

Nr. 21 Measures in the event of an accident/collision with a vehicle on airsidePDF