(Prices valid from 1 January 2014 until further notice)



Landing fee:

Per ton or part thereof MTOW incl 6 hrs of parking and Terminal Navigation Charge (TNC)


Minimum fee


Discounts on landing fees during published opening hours: the full rate applies at other times (though no less than the minimum fee).

75 %

Training flight, PFT, technical air tests

50 %

All propeller-driven aircraft with MTOW < 20 tons and other aircraft that meet the noise suppression requirements according to Chapter 3 or 5 in this weight interval.

50 %


Local annual seasonal card

As per separate agreement*

LFV annual seasonal card

Not accepted


Accepted (WSC: Weekly Seasonal Card, tourist card issued by the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, valid for one week for unlimited landings in Sweden with an aircraft under 2000 kg MTOW).


Exemption from landing fee:

Ambulance transport (HOSP) and similar important social transport of a non-commercial nature


Parking fee:

Per 24 hrs (does not apply to aircraft based at the airport)

15 SEK/ton or part there of MTOW

Minimum fee

150 SEK/24 hrs

Passenger fee:


Per departing passenger

100 SEK

*Local annual season card

The local annual season card is only valid at Örebro Airport and for aircraft based at Örebro Airport with a MTOW of less than 2000 kg. It is valid for unlimited landings and approaches for one calendar year.

Fees for extra opening hours:
For opening hours in addition to those published by the airport, a request must be made. The request should be made to OP or the Station Manager. A minimum fee of one hour is charged if the extra opening is in direct connection to the normal opening hours.

For extra opening hours not in direct connection to the normal opening hours, a minimum fee of three hours is charged as follows:


Extra opening hours

Tower price/hr 1300 SEK

3 hrs 3900 SEK

Extra opening hours

Ramp 700 SEK/man and hr

3 hrs 2100 SEK

Preparedness, snow clearance

3 000 SEK/occasion

(Not in direct connection to opening hours)

Discounts for new routes

Airlines that start new routes to new destinations that have not been operated at the airport in the last 12 months are eligible for a discount on some airport fees.