1994 - Örebro Bofors

important years for the development

The beginning of the 1990s was an important period for the airport. To start with, the runway was expanded and reached 2000 meters in 1993. A rebuilding of the terminal was also made in the same year, and a taxfree shop was installed. Before the end of the year we saw a takeover by SAS for the line to Copenhagen. They start to operate with four departures every day, flying with the FK50 aircrafts. This generated a major increase of passengers on this line.

In 1994 was the name of the airport changed to Örebro-Bofors. This was presented in a re-opening of the airport where the new business with SAS for the Copenhagen line was highly recognized. Jan Stenberg, former CEO of SAS, flew in and took part in the event (Picture above).