1996 - Expansive development cargo


This is the reason why the airport today is Sweden's largest regional freight airport and fourth largest overall. In 1998, the 20th anniversary of Örebro Läns Flygplats AB was celebrated and during the year a well-attended flight day was also organized.


Air Cargo is a long-time wish from the head of the airport, and the business sector around Örebro. Until 1996, all air cargo was referred to the regular line flights with limited space that could be offered. After that, we have never stopped developing and today Örebro Airport is the fourth biggest in Sweden when it comes to air cargo. This is important for both the businesses and the people of Örebro because we are now ordering more products online than we have ever done before, and these products are being flewn in to our cargo terminal.

In the Spring of 1996 DHL, global leader in the logistics industry, established themselves at Örebro Airport. This lead to a significant increase in weight of transported gods being handled at the airport. At the end of the Summer that year, the air cargo dispatcher of Panalpina AB also established themselves in Örebro. One of the main reasons for this was because Ericsson in Kumla for multiple reasons had decided to use flights for their distribution of material. Including this, the air freight amount increased from around 75 tonne per year to over 20 000 tonne in three years time.


During 1998, the airport celebrated 20 year anniversary and a flight activity day was arranged in Täby. The event attracted hundreds of people who got the opportunity to experience the daily work of the organization.

Three charter destinations with departures in the Summer of 1998 and doubled two destinations in the Winter season. In total, approximately 45 000 passengers was flying to and from the airport within this period. Flights to Malmö was added to the lines going out of Örebro. The estimated total numbers of passengers travelling to Copenhagen and Malmö in this year was over 110 000. In addition, the express cargo organization, TNT also established themselves at the airport and implemented daily departures to and from Liege.


This year the runway was expanded to a total of 2300 metres. Inside a warm storage we saw the beginning of air cargo handling, the construction and opening of pallets, as well as handling of duty goods. In October, all the cargo management of the airport´s own organization and the one of other companies moved into a brand new cargo terminal. The building equalling 3 600 m2 was constructed by the Örebro county´s industrial building company and rented by the airport organization. At the same time, the airport installed a bonded warehouse to be run on an in-house basis.

The flight photography below shows an overview of Örebro Airport in the end of the 1990s. To the right in the picture you can see the newly built cargo terminal.