2000 - Antonov & Boeing

20th century and new aircrafts land in örebro

Learn more about the turn of the century and how the airport was expanded at the beginning of the 20th century. New aircrafts such as Antonov 124 and Boeing 747 landed in Örebro for the first time, and Skyways Airlines took over flight lines.


The 20th century started in a positive way for the airport with a total of 175 000 passengers from Örebro during the first year. Plans for rebuilding and an extension of the runway started up again. A lot of this, and even some more building was completed within the next two years.


A very eventful year in many ways. The airport developed on multiple levels, both internally and externally. As previous plans stated, the runway was extended to a total of 2600 metres, not far off the current length of the runway which equals 3300 metres. A new parking lot was put in place and parking fees introduced. Check-in and the safety control was rebuilt to completely meet the new safety standards for checked luggage. Multiple new aircrafts landed at Örebro Airport for the first time. The massive Russian cargo plane, Antonov 124, showed in the picture below. Skyways Airlines took over the flight lines, previously operated by SAS, from Örebro.