2012 - charter development

cancun and mexico from Örebro

The year 2012 & 2013

This was years with fantastic development for the charter. The big news in 2012 was that we were able to present Cancun, Mexico as a new long-haul destination with flights from Örebro. The route was operated by Thomas Cook with an Airbus 330 which, after a stopover in Oslo, went directly to paradise in Mexico. The charter travel from Örebro Airport was generally strong during this period.

The year 2015 & 2018

The development continues around the airportarea and the runway begins to be prepared to be extended by another 700 meters. This is because the aircraft can operate directly to long-distance destinations from / to Örebro in a more cost-effective way without stopovers. Another taxiway is also being built. In 2018, the completed runway was inaugurated, which today measures 3300m