Security and Customs

prepare before security control

  • Empty your pockets of mobile phones, keys and coins. They can be placed in your hand baggage, which will be checked by the X-ray machine. This will speed up the security check.
  • Pack objects that can be used as stabbing weapons into your checked luggage, for example scissors, nail files, pocketknives and corkscrews. If any sharp objects are found during the security check, you either have to go back and check them in or discard them.
  • Packages with liquid containing more than 100 ml must be placed in the checked luggage.
  • Electronic items shall be packed in your hand luggage.
  • A list of objects that are not permitted in cabin luggage or checked luggage is available at Swedish Transport Agency’s homepageexternal link.

customs rules for alcohol and tobacco

In our duty free shop you will always find good deals. It is good to know the import regulations in force. For the importation of alcoholic beverages, the age limit is 20 years and for tobacco 18 years. On the Customs' websiteexternal link you will find information about the entry and exit of these goods.

You can also contact the Customs Service on +46 (0)771-520 520.


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