About parking at the airport.


There are enclosed car parks connected to the passenger terminal at the airport. You cannot pre-book long-term parking, but there is plenty of space. Our parking meters permit most fuel/credit cards.

Free parking for three hours

Parkering price
day 1 - 140 sek
day 2 - 280 sek
day 3 - 420 sek
day 4 - 560 sek
day 5 to day 8 - 700 sek
day 9 - 840 sek
day 10 to day 15 - 920 sek
Each new week started after day 15 costs 220 sek.

Parking for the disabled is available in the parking area near the terminal. Parking cannot be pre-booked.

Opening hours Long-term parking:

The parkering area is open 24 hours

app Service

Simplify your parking, pay and manage your parking directly through app services; Örebro Airport is zone 3030.

charge vehicles

There are 12 charging stations for electric vehicles in the long-term parking. Here are Type 2 sockets; seats for an electric car cannot be pre-booked. The charging station parking is only for charging vehicles. A parking ticket is paid as usual.

Price for charging vehicles:
SEK 40/8 h is paid via SMS (follow instructions on setting post).


Customer service / traffic information

019-30 70 00

Technical information

Örebro Läns Flygplats AB
705 94 Örebro

Örebro airport