About us

ÖREBRO AIRPORT - the logistic centre in the middle of Sweden and an engine for economic GROWTH

Our region is a significant part of Sweden, and Örebro Airport is an essential logistic hub. An important reason is that we have a well-functioning infrastructure. You can imagine it like a bloodstream where people and gods can flow, even to the communities on Sweden's outskirts.

The airport is strategically located between E18 and E20, close to Olso and Stockholm. Around two million people live in the surrounding region. It is one-fifth of Sweden's population. Thousands of companies use their services every day, year-round. Örebro Airport is Sweden's fourth-largest freight airport and one of the leading charter airports. In this way, Örebro Airport provides a prerequisite for growth in the region and allows the whole of Sweden to grow. The airport is handicapped accessible and designed for quick and efficient check-in. Welcome to Örebro and enjoyable travel!